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XANAPEL - The  Quality Warranty

In maximum respect for the skin, the greatest cosmetic effectivness.

Xanapel cosmetics are the result of a fourty-year-long experience in the professional cosmetic field of Dr. Conti's staff.

Delicate and functional products, formulated for professional groomers and beauty treatments for our animal friends.


We chose:

- Mashed potato  essential oils

- Organic functional principles 

- Safe preservatives

- Delicate surfactants

- Natural and hypoallergenic scents


We banned in our products all these potentially allergic or aggressive substances for the skin and the dog's coat.

Xanapel cosmetics are free from PARABEN, SLES, PETROLATUM, DYES.

Fragrances are IFRA and HYPOALLERGENIC certified .

100% MADE

Xanapel cosmetics are strictly formulated at neutral pH = 7.

In fact the most common mistake in dog cleansing is the use of generic soaps instead of specific products.

Dog's cover pH is neutral, while human skin is slightly acid. For this  reason human shampoos are too aggressive for them. The use of an unspecific detergent can easly weaken the skin, with the risk of  causing  hair loss, allergies and dermathitis.

Xanapel cosmetic are produced entirely in Italy, according to the best quality standards applicable tot he cosmetic industry.


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