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"A guarantee of quality"


Maximum respect for the skin - maximum cosmetic effectiveness.

Delicate and functional products, formulated for the professional grooming of our animal friends.


We only produce professional cosmetic products of the highest quality.

We work following a cutting-edge formulation technology through the use of:

- Pure essential oils

- Functional active ingredients of plant origin

- Safe preservatives

- Mild surfactants

- Natural and hypoallergenic fragrances 


We have banned from our products all those substances that are potentially allergenic or excessively aggressive for the dog's skin and coat.

Xanapel Products are free from PARABENS, PEGs, SLES, CHEMICAL DYES and  PETROLATES.

The fragrances are IFRA certified and HYPOALLERGENIC.


Xanapel Cosmetics they are strictly formulated at neutral pH, i.e. a pH value between 6.5 and 7.5. 

Respect for this parameter is fundamental for the skin well-being of the animal.

In fact, the most common mistake in dog cleansing consists in the use of generic soaps instead of specific products.

The pH of its coat is neutral, while the pH of human skin is slightly acidic. For this reason, human shampoos are too aggressive for him. By using a detergent that is not designed for the specific needs of the animal, we weaken its coat and skin, with the risk of it developing dermatitis and allergies.

Xanapel brand products are made entirely in Italy , in accordance with the best quality standards in force for the cosmetic sector.


All our references are Italian  from A to Z.  From certified raw materials  to labeling, from  packaging ai  expeditionists, we use only the collaboration of the best  companies and the most popular professionals  of our country.  



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